This blog is in memory of our beloved Border Collie Tippy who died on July 28th 2010. Every Sunday over the course of the next few months I will post memories and pictures of her life with us, both as a working farm dog, family pet, best friend and work mate.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Learning to live together.

In last weeks post I spoke of how Tippy got on with Tommy so this week I think it's only fair to include our other dog which is a West Highland Terrier called Scampi. She doesn't often get included in my posts about the dogs because she isn't my dog, she belongs to our daughter Fallon.

This first picture is a rare one in that Tippy was actually looking at the camera, unlike Tommy she was quite camera shy and would usually look anywhere but the camera.

As you will see from the pictures they all got on very well. I think Tippy did very well accepting them the way she did because for ten years she had us all to herself and then within a matter of a month she acquired two friends.
When I look at this picture I sort of get the feeling some kind of bribery is going on. whenever there was an offer of food Tippy always hung back as in the picture. because of this I once got my foot bitten by Tommy. They all had a treat and I threw one for Tippy and she just stood looking at it and then the next minute I saw tommy make a dive for it so I stuck my foot out to block him and he grabbed hold of it. He got shut outside on his own until bedtime and then spent the night by himself in the kitchen for his troubles. I should have known better because at the time he had an issue with feet for some reason, he got very nasty whenever anyone put their feet anywhere near him. Anyway he is cured of that now and even lets you massage his back with your feet while he is laid down also as you have seen in a video he no longer takes foot without permission. I know this is nothing to do with tippy but I tell the story so you can see what sort of thing she had to put up with from the other dogs. We got Scampi as a puppy so there were puppy things for her to get used to as well as bad dog things.


  1. Tippy reminds me of Misty with the mannerisms you wrote of today. Tolerant,patient, and a little baffled by the other dogs' behavior.

    Tommy, like Oreo, is a ham for the camera! Wheras Tippy thinks, isn't there something more interesting for me to do, besides a modeling session?

    It is nice that you have the photos of the gang together :)

  2. what nice phots of the three together.

  3. What a lovely sweet dog Tippy was...definitely good upbringing! *smile*