This blog is in memory of our beloved Border Collie Tippy who died on July 28th 2010. Every Sunday over the course of the next few months I will post memories and pictures of her life with us, both as a working farm dog, family pet, best friend and work mate.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Like a married couple.

This picture was taken on Tue 13 Mar 2007 07:31 during our morning walk.

I think on the whole Tippy had a good relationship with Tommy which is surprising as Tommy was no gentleman on the first meeting which occurred while driving down the road on the quad bike on the way to check out the stock on the morning of the 6th June 2005. As we passed the forest entrance we noticed this big black collie lying under the rail across the entrance. At first I though it was just a dog walking with someone as we got lots of dog walkers in that area being surrounded by forest as it was. Even so I though it was worth checking out so I did an emergency stop and reversed up and could see no one with the dog who remained lying down. So I switched off he engine and got off the bike. I always tried to catch stray dogs as they can be a problem with the stock if they become hungry. Of course I always approached with caution but on this occasion it wasn't me that needed to worry but Tippy because in a flash the dog jumped up and flew at Tippy who had remained on the bike. Tommy is still prone to this behaviour although it's now a rare occurrence rather than the rule as it was back then. It looks scarier than it actually is as he never makes contact, just a big scary fuss and then backs off and on this occasion went to lay back down under the rail. That was the only time there was any kind of unpleasantness between them and came to live together in a similar manner to that of a married couple. 
When I look at this picture I get the impression that Tippy is not amused by Tommy's antics with the stick, It's like, 'put that down you darn fool before you go and hit someone with it'.


  1. I think dogs' relationships with each other is fascinating. Seems like Tippy was a wise soul.

  2. If only dogs could talk.

  3. So you and Tippy found Tommy, did you take him home did he follow you? How interesting that after his initial "iffy" meeting with Tippy that he went back and lay down in the same spot/area. I suppose he was defending his right to sleep/rest there. So he is a little of the saying "all bark and no bite"...buts up a show and retreats...which is certainly a good thing! I like that he and Tippy "came to live together in a similar manner to that of a married couple!"

  4. that's "puts" up a show and retreats...LOL