This blog is in memory of our beloved Border Collie Tippy who died on July 28th 2010. Every Sunday over the course of the next few months I will post memories and pictures of her life with us, both as a working farm dog, family pet, best friend and work mate.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

All at sea.

I hope you aren't getting to fed up of seeing Tippy having fun at the seaside, I will move on to her doing some work soon so you can see she that she didn't live the life of a playdog all the time. Unfortunately when we were working we didn't always have time to be taking photographs which is why there is a lot of her on holiday. Here you can see her playing ball, running around and playing in the sea.


  1. Tippy took playing very seriously. I love that in a dog.

  2. We can never get tired of seeing a dog having fun!! Especially at the beach :)

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  3. Even Tippy needed a fun holiday, now and again! All work and no play would have made Tippy a dull dog! And dull she certainly wasn' at the beach...I love watching a K-9 having fun in the surf!