This blog is in memory of our beloved Border Collie Tippy who died on July 28th 2010. Every Sunday over the course of the next few months I will post memories and pictures of her life with us, both as a working farm dog, family pet, best friend and work mate.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Caught napping.

This week my pictures of Tippy are relaxing pictures. As we have seen these past months Tippy worked and played fast and hard but like any other dog there were times whan she just wanted to put her feet up and relax. As I've mentioned in the past she seemed to acquire a chair in every room downstairs and wasn't fussy about who's bed she slept on upstairs given the chance. The only restrictions placed on her by us as to where she went depended on how muddy she was. I've heard it said that dogs shouldn't be allowed here there and everywhere because of this that and the other but to us she and any other of our dogs are treated as any other member of the family - I will get shouted at for going upstairs with muddy feet just the same as any of the dogs will so provided she respected the rules of the family she was allowed to go wherever the family was allowed to go and so Tippy could just as often be found fast asleep on one of our beds as she could outside under a bush on a hot day or on the back seat of the car while out for a drive. Below are some of the places where Tippy has been caught napping.

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  1. You mean some people don't allow their dogs on their bed? What is wrong with them :)

    Tippy deserved to sleep wherever she chose. What a sweet girl.